Ethan Durst 1st game with CSA Eagles 03B

Ethan Durst’s first game with his new team, CSA Eagles 03B. This was a game for the boys to get to know each other and interact without a lot of coaching from the head coach.

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The video below shows Ethan getting kicked in the head. This is ALWAYS a scary feeling for a parent. With two goalies this is not the first time we went through this and I have a feeling it will not be the last.

We have traveled a LOT of miles for soccer.

  Hong Kong

  SCAD Savannah GA


Jordan’s College University of Hartford

  Drexel University

  South Carolina

Metropolitan Oval New York

 Gettysburg PA

This does not even begin to show the miles put going to and from practices or “local” games. MANY, MANY miles and hours put into soccer. This is the life we chose.

Jordan Durst signed to University of Hartford

A great day and a sad day. Our “baby” is heading off to college. He has to report there August 8th, not quite the birthday present I was hoping for. We are VERY excited that he is going to Hartford, the coaches and all of the staff we met were exceptionally nice. The coaches have a motivation that has a fire burning Jordan to get there and start on the road to the NCAA tournament.

CSA U15B vs Barcelona USA

Ethan Durst with CSA Avengers U15B

Ethan played another good game today as goalie and holding midfield. As goalie there were one or two things he feels he could have done different, but it was still a great game.

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