Ethan Durst – 2017 Williamsburg Columbus day invitational

I am a huge fan of the movie 300 and our boy’s last game reminded me of the scene as the ships smashed into the shores and the Arcadian thought maybe the war was already won:

Daxos: I saw those ships smashed on the rocks. How can this be?
Stelios: We saw but a fraction of the monster that is Xerxes’ army. Daxos: There can be no victory here… why do you smile?
Stelios: Arcadian, I’ve fought countless times, yet I’ve never met an adversary who could offer me what we Spartans call “A Beautiful Death.” I can only hope, with all the world’s warriors gathered against us, there might be one down there who’s up to the task.

Our boys did not face a team that could offer them a challenge until the last game, and they lost. There should be NO shame in that loss at all. They fought beautifully through that game and gave everything they had.  It was great, to me, to see them fight so hard for something they truly wanted.

Great job boys!!!!!  Amy and I had a great weekend too, it was nice to meet and talk with all of you and thank you for making us feel so welcome.

Below is the link to the pictures (click on the photos). I did not charge my battery so the pictures are kind of light this time.

Game 1

Game 3 – Amy and I were sitting amongst the opposing team’s parents and there was a gentleman there watching them (a coach from a younger team) he had no idea who we were there for. EVERY word out of his mouth about the Eagles was a compliment he said to his friend.  “Wow, you do not see this kind of passing from a team this age, they just did 2 one touch balls off of a header and played into open space going for goal. That is amazing.” It went on from there. He did learn we were for the Eagles once he realized my camera kept snapping pictures of Ethan every time the ball came near. That did NOT stop his positive remarks.

Game 4

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