Ethan Durst – DAA United

A new team and new start. ’02 Boys Black Davidsonville FC. This team is very well put together. The boys play well together, stringing together passes and always playing out of the back. There is a confidence in every player that is refreshing and fun to watch. We have high hopes for this team.

The team took 3rd in last week’s Champions Shootout 2019 down in Williamsburg, VA. Ethan allowed only 1 goal in, in 3 games. 2 clean sheets.

Ethan Durst Keeper

Given a good, or even decent, defense a keeper can keep the 3 or 4 shots on goal out. Given a defense that constantly allows shots on goal or offense to break the into the keepers box the keeper will always look bad. A keeper can only do so much. They are one of the ELEVEN players on a team, on the field at a time.

Ethan Durst – The life of a keeper

“The role of the goalkeeper is never well understood – except by other goalkeepers. Goalkeepers are lonely specialists, put in a position that is mostly a setup for failure. They rarely touch the ball, when they do it they have all the spotlight, saves are expected, and mistakes are very costly. It is the mirror image of strikers, who are always involved, mistakes are expected, and their goals – and even their good misses – are always celebrated…..”

“Why therefore would anybody want to be a goalkeeper? Because it is a beautiful place to be. You see the whole game, you command your defence, and you can save your team. You are in charge… ”

“The modern goalkeeper is the last defender, with the advantage that he can use his hands. As such, he is part of the spine of the team – the keeper, the central defender, the holding midfielder, the playmaker, the striker. The best players must play in the middle, and the keeper is one of them. So goalkeepers need to think both as a player and as a keeper. It is a much more complex task than what the average field player has to accomplish…”    Angel Ubide –

Ethan Durst – CSA Eagles at the FC Delco Players Cup Tournament

Well I lost my hard drive on my Mac recently and I lost 3-4 years of pictures. I know, I know, I should have had a backup. I am a system engineer and do this “computer stuff” every day and know what I should have had. Needless to say I am/was devastated.  I just got my Mac rebuilt so I did not take many pictures this past weekend.

I’d also like to thank all of the parents that try to include our family into all of the team activities. I am not an outgoing kind of guy and I am afraid that has rubbed off on Ethan some. (Amy has no excuse 🙂 )

With summer here and no soccer for a bit we are going to use all of this time to get Ethan’s back healed and stronger. With his rapid growth it is impossible for him to keep up muscularly . He is taller than me now and I am 6’5″.

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